Saturday, August 9, 2014

My Life Until The Next Year - Objectives

Today it is August 9, 2014...
        During the next year, these are some of my Goals.
    Then, I'll post a reflection about this post, and forcing myself into thinking which objectives I did succeed, and which I did not. And writing about each one of them,too! :D


  • Having even more success with my online income;

  • have finished my current degree;

  • Have then, celebrated 1 year and 3 months dating *-* With many more adventures until then;

  • Have gained  some healthy weight and a  have a body I can feel happy about (No need to get ripped);

  • Have made more friends;

  • Have raised my self-confidence even self-esteem even more;

  • Have had my first tattoo done;

  • Be more wealthy;

  • Have created an successful and popular website;


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