What is it about?

  •  I wanted to be able to share my viewpoints and tips about the various subjects which are target of my researches.
  • As you might have noticed already, This blog isn't about focusing about a specific topic or "niche", but a whole bunch of them! I want to research, learn, and share my knowledge about the most random and different subjects!

  • I want for this blog to also be personal life's journal too, so that's why the "my life" section. So I'll be talking about my problems, dreams, thoughts and adventures!
  • I wish for this blog to also have a community and friendship environment in it, so you're free and invited to make use of the chat to make new friends, of contact form to message me about anything, and commenting the posts...

  • Have fun While you're here and leave your footsteps! 
  • For you, who are reading this, I can only ask you to help me grow, comment, share, mail me your life experiences or funny stories, send me your critics and advice about this blog too! Anything you would like me to write about, e-mail me about it too!

  • Most of all, thank you very much for your attention!

Big Hugs For You All! ^-^

Here's a little about me:
    Hi There! My name is Renato Amaral, I'm 20 years old and I'm Studying Electronics and Telecommunications at a Vocational School.

     I live in Portugal, in the Azores Archipelago, In a beautiful island called São Miguel

    I love to write, learn and  make new friends :)


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