Thursday, August 14, 2014

Zoo Jeans - Pants customized by lions, tigers and bears

 Zoo-Jeans, created with fabric that is pre-chewed and torn by dangerous animals before being formed into a pair of pants.

Designed by Japan-based I&S BBDO for Kamine Zoo in Hitachi City, denim cloth used to create the jeans is wrapped around the favorite toys of lions, tigers and bears living in the facility.

The animals are then released into the material - scratching, tearing and chewing it to pieces.
According to the team behind the project, denim provides a way for carnivorous animals to maintain strong and healthy teeth.

The "customization" created by the animals are part of the design of the end pieces.

The pieces are auctioned and the funds are destined to benefit the zoo where the animals live.

Here is a video of the whole process:

Here is the Official Website for Zoo-Jeans:

How cool is that? :D Maybe I'll order a pair for me :3

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