Friday, August 29, 2014

The Island of the swimming pigs

Big Major Cay is one of the paradise islands of the Bahamas.
Crystal clear water, white sand... a true paradise!

So far so normal because it is a common thing in the Bahamas, but this island has something interesting about it...

The only difference is that this island is completely uninhabited, I mean uninhabited by humans, because this island, for a totally unknown reason, is inhabited only by pigs.

A swimmer pig in Big Major Island
Surely a boat with pigs must have been shipwrecked near the island and the pigs, as excellent swimmers, managed to get there.
In fact, if even elephants can swim, why shouldn't a pig?

The island became a tourist attraction because when a boat approaches, the swimming pigs come looking for food, near the tourists.

swimming pig searching for food
The three little piggies?
Pigs taking a nap on the beach
And they are cute!
An interesting detail is that we think pigs are dirty, but notice how clean is this island, uninhabited by humans ...
A true paradox for an island full of pigs, I'm sure it would be different if it was full of humans.

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