Monday, August 11, 2014

Learn How to Control your Dreams

    Any time during a dream, you stopped, looked around, noticed the strange atmosphere or events  and realized "hey, I’m dreaming"? 

If yes, congratulations, you had a lucid dream.

     This kind of dream happens when in it happens a  "conscious awareness" when we relate to something deep within the dream.

    This results in an experience of which we have a very clear and sharp memory, and we have control over our actions and even in the course of the dream itself. Meaning that, from the moment you realize you're dreaming, you can simply do and be whoever you want, with no worries!

      You can give hundreds of slaps in the face of your boss without getting fired, score a goal in the final of the World Cup or maybe even go flying through the city fighting crime. You can even make decisions and solve problems that could not while you were awake.

A easy and fast explanation of what is a lucid dream would be "dreaming while we know that we are dreaming," as researcher Stephen LaBerge, one of the leaders in the study of the phenomenon, describes it

Research conducted in sleep laboratories reported so far show that lucid dreams occur in the last sleep cycles. Are the late REM  stages, where the period of most intense dreams is larger. This means that in a night of sleep, you need to sleep more than six hours to start to achieve the best sleep stages, and thus have chances to stay conscious while dreaming..

How to do it?
Several universities around the world continue research in this field, developing techniques and learning more about the effects of lucid dreaming, as do independent agencies like LaBerge’s "Institute of Lucidity".
 With this, some techniques have been developed to facilitate the intentional lucid dreaming, which do guarantee results, and are widely used by lucid dreamers and researchers.
 Some of them are:

Have a "Dream Journal"

The concept is that every day when you wake up you describe how it was your dream.
Whether or not remember the details of places and people present in it, just write down as many things as you can.  Use a notepad, notebook, mobile phone or tablet, it is important to write down every day as soon as you wake up. There are even apps that help you in this diary, one of them  is Awoken, available for android.

The important thing is not to leave it to write later, because we know that after 10 minutes you will remember nothing more than dreamed. 
This technique aims to help you to remember your dreams, because if you can not remember them is because they are not very vivid, and so the likelihood of you getting a lucid dream is low. Besides, if you can get one, chances are you do not remember what happened next.

Reality testing 

The principle of "reality checks," according to researchers, is the fact that we test all the time in our daily lives if we are in a dream or not. After all, who says you're really awake right now? So there are some tests that prove whether we are in a dream or is this all really happening:

Look at the clocks

When you are in a dream, he will be crazier than Batman. If you look at him for a moment and it is showing a time, look again because it will be different... Numbers, letters or symbols… you never know what the clock in the dream world can show. During this period, which predominates in our mind are the areas responsible for creativity and imagination, why is so difficult to read text or numbers.

 Look into the mirror

It is also a great test because inside a dream he can show several things, and hardly one of them will be your exact reflection.

Look at your own hands

Perhaps the most practical test to do during the day. Stay for a few seconds looking at your hands, if they behave normally, do not change their size, shake, get blurry or do anything out or ordinary. A widely used technique is also pulling a finger, if he starts to stretch as you pull, there are two possibilities: either you are dreaming, or you’re elastic-man.

Pinch Yourself

That story of the "pinch me to know if I'm dreaming" really works. You are able to pinch yourself in dreams without it being painful, while in really life, it does cause pain.

Remember what you did a few minutes ago

This only requires some gray matter. Do you remember how you got here? Where were you 15 minutes ago? What were you doing? And before? If you do not remember, chances are you are dreaming, or you've got Alzheimer's.

But if you remember all this, means you are awake because there is no continuous sequence of events in dreams. There you are quietly at home cooking, and suddenly you’re inside a of a pirate ship, to then appear in school.

These tests do not guarantee that you can have lucid dreams. 
There are people who have succeeded without ever having done anything like that, while others have tried everything but have never had even one. And some people notice that they are dreaming, but they get so excited that end up just waking up.

Since you spend a third of your life sleeping, why not try to enjoy some of that time to go flying around, have superpowers and do whatever you want?


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