Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Introducing Kharis!

"Tales of an Elf Bard" Is a section where I write a fantasy story, post by post, about Kharis, the teen elf. Enjoy!

Introducing the Main Character/Narrator

Hello my friends! ^^

 My name is Kharis Eoth'elis and I'm a Silvan Elf.

       Don't let my cute smile trick you. I'm strong, agile and very smart. Always looking forward into making new friends, having fun and sharing love and peace! 
        I love to dance, to play music, to write and climbing trees!
I will let nothing stop me from my goal to be happy and help other beings of the world!      

Be welcome to "Tears of a Faelyn Flute", my Journal, where you can follow me through my adventures! ^-^

Feel free to read, explore and make new friends! Don't hesitate to comment, I would  LOVE to read your reviews!

I've got a story to tell, come closer...

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