Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#002 - Eggs!

"Tales of an Elf Bard" Is a section where I write a fantasy story, post by post, about Kharis, the teen elf. Enjoy!
#002 - Eggs!

         I expect to climb the humble and wise tree, the branches seen strong enough to handle my weight, Hopefully I've always had great success in climbing, well, most of the times...

         And so I jump, I hold, I upswing and I pierce through the tree crown! Birds and squirrels flee, alarmed by the creaks and squeaks caused due to all of the excitement I gave the tree's branches and leaves, on my ascent.

        I'm now at the top of the tree, standing close to the yellow bird's nest I saw from the ground. It's bigger than I Imagined! mother bird flew away, because of the disturbance I created, leaving behind her fluffy, bushy nest, with 3 of her rather huge eggs, resting in it...

I feel it may be wrong to take any of the eggs, I can feel each one of those little living creatures inside of them...

       From the top of the canopy I see a blueberry bush, filled with delicious berries, and... a friend!


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